We are open!

The Paloma Artist Courtyard has finally reopened!
Visit us and support Hungarian artists!
We are constantly updating the list and introduction of our creators on our website.

Our artists:
Room3: KA design
Room4: Vadjutka, New accent, Handrea design, Noteshell
Room5: Seres Edina, Horváth Ádám, Benkő Katalin (soon)
Room6: Fércművek, Retrohungary
Room8: Coque’ette by Cq Brand
Room9: Repityke
Room10: Wamp iroda
Room11: Szabó Judit, Jubo kerámia, M.G. ékszer (soon)
Ground floor: Pinkponilo, sulyan design

Some showrooms opening hours may differ, please get in contact with the artist!