Summer greetings in Paloma – We are open again!

For the second time in a year, one of the most colorful courtyard of Budapest, Paloma, was forced to close for a longer period.

To the delight of the opening, Paloma, which unites many Hungarian designers, awaits everyone with renewed and new creators.

The reopening will be celebrated on Friday, June 4, 2021 by old and new artists with workshops, surprise gifts, a fair, and their latest summer collections.

Current list of designers of the Paloma Artist Courtyard:
Room 2: Retrohungary
Room 3: Kállai Design
Room 4: Vadjutka, New accent, Handrea design, Noteshell
Room 5: Seres Edina
Room 8: Coque’ette by Cq Brand
Room 9: M.G. Ékszer, Hecendorfer Fashion, Frecot kerámia
Room 11: Szabó Judit, LYS candles, Vivian Wedding Shop, R’Étoile
Room 12: Ihász Emese
Room 13: Kamala Kaftan, Nalini Home, Nalini Jewelry, Hike Zone, Bernadette
Földszint: Pinkponilo, Sulyan design, Fiser bags