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Anita Püspök

Püspök Anita - Paloma Művészudvar -

Art & Design for your home by Anita Püspök
Fine artist, painter & designer

My painting style is clean modern abstract, with sensual color-game, fresh colors, with the realistic elements in harmony. In my artworks I’m inspired by the nature, the landscape, the water, the light. I painting on canvas with oil or acrylic, from small to large size. I like to paint a unique idea, you can order a custom painting for your home or office. It is important for me, that my artworks create positive feelings, make things happy and harmonize with the interior where the painting will be.
I use my painting style on various materials of decorative objects; on lamp, on mirror, on soap dish, on clock, and self-designed spherical ornament. I live and work in the Valley of Art, Kapolcs (Hungary), since 2010, my own gallery is open here. I have more art prizes, and my artworks are owned by many collectors, galleries, and those are decorating homes. Since 1992, I have been participating in individual and group exhibitions, in my country and abroad.

Landscapes, waters, bloom with love, value for You!

Paloma – Room 8

For more information visit my webpage: Püspök Gallery

Cellunett Brand

CELLUNETT Brand - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Being an experimenting and environment conscious person I am deeply interested in recycling and combining materials in my art. My focus is the aesthetic and qualitative rethinking of the culture of men made objects of the sustainable the environment.

I have found my unique technique about at the time of my graduation. Its modern character keeps me in the flow of designer thinking while versatility inspires me. My objects are graceful, airly and have an inwrought effect due to the structure of the row material and the surfaces look natural because of the cellulose overlay. I have been creating autonomous light objects, functional interior accessories, lamps for longer than 10 years now. Developing further the raw material drove me to my first jewelry collection in 2012. The archetypical and organic shapes are the projection of ancient memories which mostly are reflected in objects. I found it crucial that their visual and touching sensation should create a familiarity and timelessness for our souls.

Paloma – Room 4

For more information visit my webpage: Cellunett Brand

Cq Brand

CQ Brand - PALOMA Művészudvar -

My name is Anett Hegedűs, I sew leather goods. I funded Coque’ette by Cq Brand in 2016, which aim is to prepare stylish, flirty, conspicuous products. You can find these type of accessories and bags on my sites, which were inspired by the love of leather. All the products I prepare are unique and typical comes from the hand made techniques and the new ideas and design. I prepare the bags and accessories on my industrial sewing machines. I am thinking and designing a feminine collection which is practical in the weekdays but likeable at the first sight.

Paloma – Room 2

Check out my shop: Cq Brand



My name is Anikó Róth and I am a painter and illustrator.

More than 10 years ago I founded my brand i.e. DesignByRothAniko, my intention was cheering the boring days of week up with my colourful designs on useful everyday things. I believe that beautiful things bring more fun into our life, therefore I designed my collection decorated with my originally paperbased paintings. I work with a small team and we all pay full attention to every small details to make each piece of my collection nice, handy-useful and perfect for a long time to make your days.

Paloma – Room 6

Visit my webpage: DesignByRothAniko

Domonkos Bernadett

Domonkos Bernadett - Paloma Művészudvar -

Unique wear for man & woman

I have graduated as a textile designer at MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design,as Knitwear and designer, Budapest, in 2009. I design / make men’s and woman’s unique suits. My style includes alternative sporty stylish in a individual line. I like to work with colours and apply different material.

My motto: “… not to be one among many, but one of the many …” 

Paloma – Room 11

Visit my webpage: Domonkos Bernadett


EVETKE - Paloma Művészudvar -

Evetke is dedicated to bring you a unique variety, jolly creativity with her products and her mission is to put that SMILE right back on YOUR FACES where they belong! Colourful bits and pieces are hip and cool –and that’s what’s Evetke’s clothing is all about – but above all, they are FUN! Her clothing is not only perfectly sewn together individual, high quality creations but they are comfortable, cozy and lovable and make YOU and YOUR SKIN feel HAPPY! 

Paloma – Room 11

Visit he webpage: Evetke

Giranelli – handblown glass jewelry

GIRANELLI - PALOMA Művészudvar -

The giranellis are designed and made by Rácz Kriszta Napraforgó, with models of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, broches and other accessories.

They made of high quality borosilicate glass tubes with the using of handblowing technique. Several models are protected patented designs.

Our brand ’giranelli is an italian pun of two words: ’girare’ means spinning or circling, ’anelli’ means rings. This name visualizes that the the most special in our jewelry is the inner movement and dyamics.

Paloma – Ground floor

Visit our webpage: Giranelli

Handrea Design


My name is Andrea Horák.

I am a jewelry designer from Budapest, Hungary. I love creating jewelry.
I am inspired by cute nocturnal animals, cult movies and traditional Hungarian motifs even. My jewelry are all own designs made with a lasercutter from quality natural materials. They are 100% hand-painted and produced in limited quantities only.

Paloma – Room 4

Visit my webpage: Handrea Design

Hayka – wood

HAYKA - PALOMA Művészudvar -

“Every HAYKA – wood jewlery is a tiny step towards making someone happy. Ever since my childhood I love preparing little gifts, and this passion became my profession since I discovered this combination of art materials: wood, steel and textile. These jewelries are truely made of love.”

Paloma – Room 4

huncut – tradition redesigned

huncut design - Paloma Művészudvar -

For you & your home! Traditional Hungarian patterns. 21st century design.

Huncut (Hungarian Cut – Hungarian meaning: cheeky) preserves traditional Hungarian folk motifs on everyday objects in 21st century form and design, emphasizing the coexistence of tradition and modernity, their intense attachment to the Hungarian culture.
Huncut’s products: home decor, articles for personal use, clothes and accessories are our own designs, made in Hungarian workshops. The founders Adrienne Lodge-Konthur and Tünde Berdefy are equally concerned with those inclined towards an austere, minimalist style and those of a more bohemian, more colourful bent. “We want to create exciting objects which emphasize Hungarian motifs, are made of high-quality materials and in small series, and which can promote the Hungarian craftsmanship and contemporary design both in Hungary and on the international stage.”

Paloma – Room 8

JUCO Home by Corinna Juhász

JUCO HOME - PALOMA Művészudvar -

The JUCO Home international interior design brand is named after Corinna Juhasz designer. Corinna graduated in Budapest as textile designer, and already excelled in its unique, distinctive  graphical solutions.

Her work is characterized by transmitting various emotions in a kind of extreme, provocative way, but still with an elegant minimalism in a clean form. Her drawings are mostly of female figures, and the eyes, the subtle vibration and the gestures have a special role, which are a delicate nuances and reflections of the world around us and the emotions of the people too. Her designs and shapes, as well as their bearers, are all a kind of characteristic, breathing contemporary art creations and live in space.

Paloma – Room 12

Visit the webpage: JUCO Home

Kontur fashion


Réka Kontur graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design as a fashion designer. In 2010, Kontur fashion launched its own brand, designing and manufacturing leather accessories. She produces leather handbags and jewelry with fine handicraft techniques. Experimental, innovative material processing, exciting pierced, woven, wicked surfaces characterize her collections.

Paloma – Room 8

Visit her webpage: Kontur fashion

MAKE Design

MAKE Design - PALOMA Művészudvar -

MAKE Design is a Hungarian bag brand of creative Réka Molnár. Every products are simple and minimalist, the unique (hand-painted, and digital print) patterns gives their trait both colors and shapes. The ruling inspiration is nature.  The product range is wide: there are backpacks, clutches, belt bags, gym bags, tote bags and beauty cases. 

Paloma – Room 10

Visit her webpage: MAKE Design

MOHA Design

MOHA Design - PALOMA Művészudvar -

MOHA design is a Hungarian brand. We create small series objects in interior design and smaller objects as jewellery, wine stopper, pen etc. We produce our all objects mainly from concrete. Every single products of us is complete with suitable packaging. 

Paloma – Room 10

Visit our webpage: MOHA Design


Moringa - Paloma Művészudvar -

Under the name Moringa I create screen printed home textiles like cushion cases, curtains, tableware and home accessories.

I like screen printing technique with its vivid colours, pure and simple outlines. The origin of my patterns mostly comes from nature. Yet inspiration might also be an everyday object or geometrical shapes. My speciality is to combine the exciting forms of nature with vibrant multishade colours. Harmony of colours is really important in my life. Accordingly Moringa’s present textile collections take a big emphasis of psychical effect of colours. Each colours of a colour variation are chosen to have the similar influence to the human body.

Nowadays I enjoy playing with forms and to create designs that can be personalised by the user. The eventual forms of my new ‘funny’ line of products will become truly visible during usage. Align the lines of magnets with birds or pour hot liquid into the heat sensitive, pattern changing mug!

Paloma – Room 11

Visit my webpage: Moringa

MYART Jewels

MY ART JEWELS - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Handmade, unique beaded jewels directly from the artist.
 “The fashion imitation of those who want to be different from those who do not differ in anything” (Karl Lagerfeld)

Do not aim to be like anyone else. Create your own style!  Be conspicuous however stylish with MYART Jewels. My jewels are made of quality Japanese glass beads with sterling silver or stainless steal accessories.
Come and visit our showroom where you may choose necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets from current stock. You may also order MYART Jewels with your favourite colours in the size that fits you most.

Paloma – Room 4

Visit my webpage: MYART Jewels


Nerajewels - Paloma Művészudvar -

If you look at a nicely cut mineral, can you see its new dress? I can… And I will make you see it too and help you to sparkle thanks to its magic. The natural uniqueness of minerals coupled with the inimitable Nera style and elegance guarantee that you will wear a piece of jewellery like no one else. Even my similar designs are made in limited series as it is important for me to preserve the character of each piece.
My name is Erika Nagy, the creator of Nerajewels. My unique, small-series jewellery made with wire wrapping and silversmith techniques combined with mineral stones is distinguished by simplicity and intuition.

Paloma – Room 11

Visit my webpage: Nerajewels (under construction)
Meska shop 

New Accent

NEWACCENT - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Concrete for women. New Accent concrete jewelry for everybody wanting to escape from the world of conformity. Get rid of the traditional women’s gender roles and wear concrete!

Paloma – Room 4

Visit my webpage: New Accent

Papetri Paperworks

PAPETRI - PALOMA Művészudvar

“High quality papergoods, designed and made by the multi award winner architect, Mónus Mimi.
Handmade design paper products.”

Paloma – Room 4

Paws by MAKE Design


Paws by MAKE design was founded in 2018, which is the sub-brand of MAKE design. Dog accessories and bags can be interconnected beacuse of the same unique patterns (so anyone can fit in your pet).

Paloma – Room 10

Visit our webpage: MAKE Design



PINKPONILO is a sewing and fashion studio, which also deals with design and production. PINKPONILO was established in 2016 aiming to promote self-made clothing and to raise awareness towards the damaging effects of the fast fashion industry. PINKPONILO researches the designers making experiments with reusing textiles, thinking about new fashion techniques and zero waste possibilities. At PP we provide sewing machines and tools to use and also organizing workshops. We are also interested in combining creative technology and fashion (smart textiles, 3D printing, also would be great to experiment with VR in the design process).

Paloma – Ground floor

Visit our webpage: PINKPONILO


REPITYKE - PALOMA Művészudvar -

At RePityke, a brand in Hungarian eco-design, we have been designing and handcrafting custom-made bags and accessories since 2015. Our main mission is to process textile and leather waste in such a way that the result compares to a brandnew product in both its quality and value. Each bag we make is not only specially designed but the materials used make them truly one of a kind. We hand-pick, cut and sew our fabrics with great care and in accordance with zero waste principles. Our main inspiration is geometric design and it has become our trademark in the world of redesign bags through playfully combined materials such as denim, upholstery fabrics, umbrellas, trench coats and waste leather.

Paloma – Room 13

Visit our webpage: RePityke


SERA - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Designer: Sipos Erika

Before I started out as a jewelry maker, I was able to visit many different countries and get to know their cultures. This was how I irrevocably fell in love with the special world of vibrant colours and wonderful materials.

But who am I? An enthusiastic creator, designer or artist? Maybe all of them at once, but first and foremost I am a woman who loves experiencing all its wonderful moments. And this is what I am trying to convey through the pieces I make.

My jewelry and accessories are unique and unrepeatable. They were designed to accompany a woman’s spiritual and feminine development; whether by wearing them to an everyday outfit of trainers and jeans, or to formal wear.

Paloma – Room 8

Visit my webpage: SEra DSGN

Silk and more

SILK&MORE - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Luxury hand dyed designer silk scarves and shawls, silk jewellery.

Paloma – Room 4

Visit our webpage: Silk and more


SULYAN - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Everybody loves scarfs because they give a unique and diverse look. How wonderful would it be if they could be worn in multiple ways, flip them, rotate them, turn them inside out.

Practical things are my favorite, this is where the idea came from. So far, the three kinds of sulyandesign products have been described as practical, simple, creative.

Paloma – Ground floor

Visit my webpage: sulyandesign

Wardrobe of Szabó Judit

Szabo Judit gardróbja - PALOMA Művészudvar

Unique garments made for size.

Paloma – Room 11

Sziráczki Glass


Unique, handmade glass jewelry,  wristwatches, clocks and accessories – for custom-order as well.

Paloma – Room 8

Vadjutka Design Jewelry

VADJUTKA - PALOMA Művészudvar -

The Vadjutka Design Jewelry is a brand of playful, lifeloving, yet elegant jewelry, in which you can find exciting combination of different materials such as plexi glass and sterling silver, fabric and metal, wodd and glass.

Paloma – Room 3

Visit my webpage: Vadjutka

White Lemon – Smartwear for Women

WHITE LEMON - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Te White Lemon is the creation of the founder, Szilvia Bojti, a talented Hungarian fashion designer. After a 20-year long career break, Szilvi came up with her first collection in 2016, and this time she was determined to make no compromise. She created a smart everyday wear for urban woman with active lifestyle who don’t want to choose between wearing pretty or practical and comfy outfits. Szilvi thought of special occasions as well, and part of the collection boosts more glamorous clothes with elegant lines and delicate materials. 

White Lemon clothes are suitable for all ages, made in Hungary and available in small batches and limited quantities.

Paloma – Room 8