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Cq Brand

CQ Brand - PALOMA Művészudvar -

My name is Anett Hegedűs, I sew leather goods. I funded Coque’ette by Cq Brand in 2016, which aim is to prepare stylish, flirty, conspicuous products. You can find these type of accessories and bags on my sites, which were inspired by the love of leather. All the products I prepare are unique and typical comes from the hand made techniques and the new ideas and design. I prepare the bags and accessories on my industrial sewing machines. I am thinking and designing a feminine collection which is practical in the weekdays but likeable at the first sight.

Paloma – Room 8

Check out my shop: Cq Brand



Unique, handmade accessories, toys for children – no age limit.

Paloma – Room 6

Visit my webpage: Fércművek

Handrea Design


My name is Andrea Horák.

I am a jewelry designer from Budapest, Hungary. I love creating jewelry.
I am inspired by cute nocturnal animals, cult movies and traditional Hungarian motifs even. My jewelry are all own designs made with a lasercutter from quality natural materials. They are 100% hand-painted and produced in limited quantities only.

Paloma – Room 4

Visit my webpage: Handrea Design

Hecendorfer fashion

Hecendorfer fashion - Paloma Művészudvar -

Tímea Hecendorfer, the designer of the Hecendorfer fashion brand. Her style varies from T-shirt dresses made of natural fabrics to the extreme wedding dresses.

Paloma – Room 11

Visit her webpage: Hecendorfer Fashion

Ihász Emese Jewelry

Ihász Emese Jewelry - Paloma Művészudvar -

Emese Ihász makes individually hand-crafted jewelry in one-of-a-kind designs, using real silver and gold set off with precious gems and handmade patterns that draw inspiration from high fashion as well as the natural world. Sign up for a consultation and create precious jewelry that is yours alone!  

Paloma – Room 12

Jubo – Ceramics & Jewellery

Jubo – Ceramics & Jewellery - Paloma Művészudvar -

My name is Judit Bóta, I design unique ceramics and jewellery. My ceramic household objects and ornaments are made in my Budapest workshop. My main inspiration and constant source of ideas are my children. I try to visualize their playfulness in my objects. Whether it’s household items, wall decorations or jewellery: I want to add a bit of fun to everyday life with my ceramics.

My board games represent another product line: besides the well-known games, I try to revive old forgotten ones, and to give a new design to traditional, local games I have learned during my travels.

Paloma – Room 11

Visit my webpage: Jubo – Ceramics & Jewellery

Kállai design

Kállai design - Paloma Művészudvar -

I’m Anna Kállai, the designer of the unique and demanding bags of Kállai Design.

My passion for bags started 21 years ago. I have always loved designing, creating and experiment with materials, and shapes.

After graduating from the rag-trade vocational school, I continued my studies at the University of Arts ad a painter and graphic designer. I can still remember when somebody liked the bag that I was wearing and they asked me to sell it. More and more people asked me to prepare bags for them, which fit their life style, because they cannot find the perfect one. Every bag of mine is inspirated by personal needs, for which I always used unique solutions. My collection is the essence of these special needs of the people. All my bags have a modern minimal desing in their shape. In my choice of materials, I pay attention to the environment and I try not to pollute it. That is why, whenever possible I buy durable, high-quality materials from Hungarian manufacturers.

Paloma – Room 3

Visit my webpage: Kállai design

New Accent

NEWACCENT - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Concrete for women. New Accent concrete jewelry for everybody wanting to escape from the world of conformity. Get rid of the traditional women’s gender roles and wear concrete!

Paloma – Room 4

Visit my webpage: New Accent


Noteshell - Paloma Művészudvar -

Craft design book workshop – custom-designed, limited, hand-made bookbinding products: notebooks, diaries, albums …

Paloma – Room 4

Visit my webpage: Noteshell



PINKPONILO is a sewing and fashion studio, which also deals with design and production. PINKPONILO was established in 2016 aiming to promote self-made clothing and to raise awareness towards the damaging effects of the fast fashion industry. PINKPONILO researches the designers making experiments with reusing textiles, thinking about new fashion techniques and zero waste possibilities. At PP we provide sewing machines and tools to use and also organizing workshops. We are also interested in combining creative technology and fashion (smart textiles, 3D printing, also would be great to experiment with VR in the design process).

Paloma – Ground floor

Visit our webpage: PINKPONILO


REPITYKE - PALOMA Művészudvar -

At RePityke, a brand in Hungarian eco-design, we have been designing and handcrafting custom-made bags and accessories since 2015. Our main mission is to process textile and leather waste in such a way that the result compares to a brandnew product in both its quality and value. Each bag we make is not only specially designed but the materials used make them truly one of a kind. We hand-pick, cut and sew our fabrics with great care and in accordance with zero waste principles. Our main inspiration is geometric design and it has become our trademark in the world of redesign bags through playfully combined materials such as denim, upholstery fabrics, umbrellas, trench coats and waste leather.

Paloma – Room 9

Visit our webpage: RePityke


Retrohungary - Paloma Művészudvar -

Design from the fifties, for retro lovers.

Paloma – Room 6


SULYAN - PALOMA Művészudvar -

Everybody loves scarfs because they give a unique and diverse look. How wonderful would it be if they could be worn in multiple ways, flip them, rotate them, turn them inside out.

Practical things are my favorite, this is where the idea came from. So far, the three kinds of sulyandesign products have been described as practical, simple, creative.

Paloma – Ground floor

Visit my webpage: sulyandesign

Szabó Judit

Szabo Judit gardróbja - PALOMA Művészudvar

Wardrobe of Szabó Judit – 
unique garments made for size.

Paloma – Room 11




Szilenosz - Paloma Művészudvar -

Small tree distributor.

Paloma – Room 5

Visit our webpage: Szilenosz



Vadjutka Design Jewelry

VADJUTKA - PALOMA Művészudvar -

The Vadjutka Design Jewelry is a brand of playful, lifeloving, yet elegant jewelry, in which you can find exciting combination of different materials such as plexi glass and sterling silver, fabric and metal, wodd and glass.

Paloma – Room 4

Visit my webpage: Vadjutka

WAMP – the Hungarian design market

Wamp - Paloma Művészudvar -

In short Sunday Design Market (Vasárnapi Művész Piac), in more detail it is a design fair which provides platform for Hungarian designers to show their work to a larger public in the fields of fashion, accessories, jewellery, home decoration, photo or gastronomy.

Paloma – Room 10

Visit our webpage: WAMP